Systems & Solutions
Portable, In line and Automated Laser Shearography Inspection and Solutions for CFRP, GFRP Materials - Cured / Un cured stage.
Laboratary and On Line Laser Ultrasonic System for Composite Inspection, High Temperature upto 1350°C including Tube, Pipe, Rod, Sheets etc.,
In-Situ Inspection of Automated welding, Friction Stir Welding (FSW), Helicoptor Blades etc., User Friendly Patented Software with TWM 1550nm Interferometer. World's First Table top Synchorotron or Microtron Based Computed Tomography (CT) System.
Ranges : 10 KeV to 20 MeV - Depends on Model.
High Power / High energy Pulser Receivers Non Linear Velocity Measorement - SNAP Systesm.
Custom build Phased Arary modules from 16/16 ch to 258/258ch.
Air coupled UT System U710X with speed of 1000mm/s, Software etc.
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