Q-810 Vacuum Hood Shearography System

The Q-810 Vacuum Hood Shearography System is a fully portable, lightweight and rugged measurement system used for Non- Destructive Testing (NDT) application for the aerospace, wind power, marine, aviation and civil industries. Both simple and effective, the Q-810 is specifically catered for efficient inspection of large structural components. With a field-of-view of 180mm (V) x 230mm (H) / 7.1” (V) x 9.1” (H), the Q-810 can yield results within 15 seconds (depending on loading rate)

Q-810 Vacuum Hood Shearography System

Considering a capable inspection rate of 9.6m²/hr (103ft²/hr), a typical covered output of 77m² (830ft²) per day provides a high yield for investors, saving both time and money. NDT users gain consistent and unprecedented imaging performance with the ability to generate clear and reliable quality control procedures. As a practical and flexible system, the Q-810 supports corporate investment in improving quality control and supporting quality assurance of high-end products. The Q-810 system is designed as a highly efficient, cost-effective measurement device that supports rigorous inspection procedures in both post-manufacturing and final product NDT in-servicing.

 Q-810 Vacuum Hood Shearography Sensor
  Q-810 Vacuum Hood Shearography System
Vacuum Hood Dimensions
(B x H x L)
330mm x 325mm x 450mm / 13.0” x 12.8” x 17.7”
Vacuum Hood Weight 8.7kgs / 19.2lbs
Field of View (FoV) 180mm x 230mm / 7.1" x 9.1"
Camera 1.44 MPx CCD GOF-Firewire
Display 8" LCD Touchscreen
Function Controls • L/R button control/s
• Active GUI
Laser Classification
Q-810 Vacuum Hood Shearography System Class 1 DIN EN 60825-1:2007
IEC 60825-1:2007
ANSI Z136.1-2014
Laser Source 2x 120mW (CW) @ 660nm
Integrated Excitation Systems? Yes - Integrated Automatic Heat Excitation (optional)

Q-810 Active User GUI

The Q-810’s Active User GUI offers users full touch screen functionality within a process optimized framework. The display provides simple, quick and easy control over repetitive NDT measurements. Users can experience streamlined, yet dynamic command over operational settings and measurement procedures. Tailored to sync with left/right button control, the multi-control functionality allows users to increase/decrease vacuum hood pressure, lock/unlock foot mechanism, take a snapshot or make a refresh. Whether using the left/right buttons or the 8” interactive LCD touchscreen during measuring, NDT operators can measure quicker and easier than ever before.

Q-810 Vacuum Hood Shearography System

Q-810 Software Features

Q-810 Vacuum Hood Shearography SystemSingle or Multi-step procedures, allows users complete control over measurements to refine and speed up procedures by using single or multiple step pressure changes.

Q-810 Vacuum Hood Shearography SystemAdvanced Vacuum Settings control, gives users acquisition settings options for attaining maximum performance capacity. Settings include; lapse rate, adherence pressure, pressure rate, measurement pressure yields, etc.

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