Istra 4D - Shearography

Istra 4D is a dynamic,user-friendly software, specifically designed for simple and repetitive shearographic measurements, testing, analysis and evaluation.

Designed by users, for users: Istra 4D features a convenient user layout and adjustable icon sizes with clear functionality, control and setup.

Istra 4D is unique, as it has been developed explicitly to accommodate interchangeable sensors, and to support and enhance the rigorous quality control procedures used at high-tech companies.

In near real-time, users can witness high quality image measurement generation in Live, Phase, Fringe or Time-Average modes.

Figure 1 - Istra 4D Shearography

Advanced, yet simple, User Control features

Whether adjusting shear settings, brightness, projection, filter options or display properties, Istra 4D is fully equipped with easy-to-use tooling for complete control over measurement configuration settings and controls. Istra 4D is packed full of software features, enabling users to discover the full potential of shearography.


Users can mark-out and measure defects, while switching between modes to identify actual physical defect locations on a test measurement surface.


Profile defects for in-depth clarity

Defects can easily and accurately be profiled, measured and quantified with simple line section markers that are used to cut and measure in-plane profile phase changes.


See defects in every light.

Easily generate, clean, crisp, saw-tooth, phase display images, for better defect detection. Istra 4D incorpates the latest generation in shearography technology giving users maximum clarity, quality and performance when qualifying critical components. Test measurement images can easily be exported as bit-map images or copied straight onto a clipboard. Measurements may be displayed in striking display formats including; grey, rainbow and ISTRA palettes foreye-catching reports.


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